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::You Down With OGT (OG tumblers)?! Scent List::
Cream & Copper- fluffy whipped cream, brown sugar, fig, warm amber, sandalwood, cocoa butter, & cashmere
Champagne Ombre- sweet green apples, warm golden honey, bubbly champagne, and subtly sweet effervescence
Frost Pearlescent- Light florals & citrus, musk, and iced vanilla woods
Parfait Ombre- airy strawberry macarons, whipped cream, creamy vanilla ice cream, and almond biscotti
Spearmint Pearlescent- Eucalyptus spearmint, fresh rosemary, and mint leaves
Tidepool- fresh ocean air, dark musk, sea greens, and bum bum creme
Seafoam- salt water, citrus, driftwood, and musk
Azalea- Meadow flowers, cashmere, white musk, and sandalwood
Citron Mix- citron, mandarin, lemons, and fresh squeezed oranges
Aqua- marine air, sea greens, hint of lemon, bergamot, Himalayan salt, and light musk
Bay Ombre- fresh citrus mix, evening flowers, and white woods
Coral- exotic fruits, honeydew melon, soft florals, and sugar crystals
Petal Ombre- fresh lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang, amber, & tonka
Terrazo- vanilla, cashmere,& black sugar
Abalone- tropical florals & greens, mango, coconut, creamy vanilla, sandalwood, and amber
Grapefruit- fresh citrus, grapefruit, and a hint of mint
Shrub- light citrus, ginger tea, sandalwood, and musk
Deep Sea- sea greens, dark musk, eucalyptus, sage, and lavender
Blush- pink sugar, blackberry, fresh raspberries, and sugared musk
Driftwood- salt water, ocean greens, oakmoss, mahogany, and coconut
Desert Sage- herbal blend of sage and rosemary, musk, and sandalwood
Polar- cool mountain air, woodsy musk, and cool eucalyptus
Flannel- spicy bergamot, rich mahogany, soft musk, crisp air, and fresh mountain greens
Hammertone- a manly blend of birch, bergamot, woodsy spices, and a hint of vanilla
Dusk- midnight jasmine, black currant, vanilla creme, and warm amber

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