Worth Melting For RTS

Worth Melting For RTS

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::Worth Melting For Scent List::

First Frost- iced vanilla woods, spearmint, & eucalyptus

Winter Candy Apple- BBW dupe

Leaves (type)- fresh pine, earthen musk, & spiced apples round out this scent

Bad Romance- tonka bean, rosewood, & black amber, with fresh citrus & cedarwood

Christmas in a Bottle- orange, apples, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, buttercream, & vanilla

Down the Chimney-
-stocking- crackling birch & marshmallow fireside
-Santa- bum bum creme & sugar cookies
-chimney- roasted pine cones & mulberries

Can’t Catch Me- fresh baked gingerbread

Winter Spice Tea- sweet peppermint, bergamot tea, ginger, with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, & clove

Frosted Snowballs- peppermint candy canes & frosted cupcakes

Through the Woods- cinnamon pine cones

House of the Gingers- fresh baked gingerbread & blackberry jam butter cookies

Chris Crunkle- eggnog topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Apple Spice Cake- warm sugared apples & cinnamon spice cake

Christmas Cabin- spicy cinnamon, bayberry, balsam, and a hint of orange zest

Mrs. Claus- spicy cinnamon, crispy apples, fresh peaches, & cupcakes at Tiffany’s

Frost Yoursef- iced vanilla woods, sugared plums, white musk, citrus, strawberries, peaches, & bubbly champagne

The Night Before Christmas- fresh lavender, toasted marshmallows, & fresh baked sugar cookies

Jingle Juice- lemon lime soda, captain crunch berries, sweet rock candy, sugared apples, and a dash of candy canes

Sleigh Ride- vanilla birch, winter spice tea, with fresh mountain air, juniper, & balsam

Frosted Beard- Frosted circus cookies, eggnog, & fresh baked Christmas cookies

Christmas Wreath- bayberry, fir, pine, cedar, oak, & fresh berries

Hot Cocoa Bomb- hot cocoa & cream with a center of toasted marshmallow

Champagne Toast Type

Apple Cider Donut- fresh fried donuts & warm apple cider, topped with sugar (I literally wanted to eat it)

Home for the Holidays- orchard fruits, warm spices, juniper berries, & forest trees

I Like Warm Hugs- alpine cheee (type) & winter (type)

Birthday Bubbly- strawberry & peach champagne

Cinnamon Roll French Toast- fresh baked cinnamon rolls batterer and fried into a delicious french toast

Salted Vanilla Pine Cones- gooey salted caramel, sugared vanilla waffle cones, & roasted pine cones

Peppermint Stick- fresh candy canes

Wax melts  work best in hot plate or 25 watt warmers.

Please keep away from children.

Not intended for consumption.

H2 Wax Co, LLC is not responsible for any misuse of our products